USED Meinl HCS Crash Cymbal, 16in

by Meinl
Sold out
$ 56.00

For a complex spread with a warm feel look no further than the Meinl 16 Inch HCS Crash Cymbal. It offers a smooth attack with a medium sustain. Made from MS63 alloy for a warm, harmonic and balanced sound the HCS series cymbals are an entry-level line that combines outstanding quality and value.

Meinl 16 Inch HCS Crash Cymbal Features:

  • Style: Rock, Pop
  • Timbre: Mid-Bright
  • Character: Warm, Harmonical
  • Pitch: Low-Mid
  • Volume: Medium to Low
  • Sustain: Medium to Short
  • Weight: Medium
  • Finish: Traditional
  • Material: MS63
  • Lathe: Wide Blade

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