USED MXL 604 Small Diaphram Condenser Microphone w/ Box

by MXL
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The 604 from MXL is a small-diaphragm condenser microphone intended for spot capturing instruments as well as vocals. The 604 features the dynamic range necessary for accurate instrument capturing, a -10 dB switchable pad provides added headroom when necessary. A low frequency roll-off switch minimizes proximity effect and low frequency hum. The interchangeable omnidirectional and cardioid capsules provide versatility in capturing instruments and vocals.

Interchangeable CapsulesThe microphone includes both omnidirectional and cardioid capsules, allowing you to select the best polar pattern for a particular application-10 dB PadThe -10 dB pad switch provides added headroom and minimizes distortion when capturing signals at close proximitiesLow Frequency Roll-OffThe low frequency roll-off switch minimizes low frequency hum and proximity effect

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