USED MXR DD25 Green Day Dookie Drive Effects Pedal

by MXR
Sold out
$ 396.00

In 1994, alt-rocking guitarists everywhere emulated (but never quite duplicated) Billie Jo Armstrong’s gut-busting guitar tone on Green Day’s pop-punk masterpiece, Dookie. So why is Billie Joe’s overdriven tone so hard to reproduce? For starters, he’s Billie Joe Armstrong. Beyond that, he used two modded amplifiers — one tuned for clean sounds, the other tuned for dirty. The MXR Dookie Drive captures the sound of these two amps and packs them into a single pedal. Its Blend knob then allows you to morph between the two amp sounds in wet/dry fashion, arming you with a harmonic-rich sound that’s full of depth and dimension. The limited-edition Dookie Drive features a compact housing adorned with Richie Bucher’s Dookie album cover art.

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