USED Peavey HP-412 4x12 Cabinet

by Peavey
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Four 12" speakers provide an array of awe-inspiring tones, from clean to distorted.

The Peavey HP412 Slant is a heavy-duty loudspeaker cabinet designed to complement a wide variety of guitar amplifier heads and combos with external speaker capabilities. It is available with four front-loaded, custom-built 12" Supreme XL speakers.

The Peavey HP412 Slant emphasizes the low-end response of your amp while maintaining a versatile balance of mids and highs to provide an array of awe-inspiring clean and distorted tones.


  • Power handling: 200 watts continuous
  • Transducers: four 12" Supreme XL speakers
  • Impedance, Z: 16 ohms
  • Input connection: 1/4" phone jack
  • Enclosure construction: Mono-plane baffle, closed-back construction Grille can be unsnapped to access speakers
  • Dimensions: 32"H x 30-1/8"W x 14-3/8"D
  • Net Weight: 90lb.

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