USED Phonic Helix Board 18 Firewire - 18 Input Mixer w/ Effects

by Phonic
Sold out
$ 196.00

This used Phonic Helix Board 18 Fire Wire mixer is in great shape and all inputs and outputs function as they should.  We were not able to test the firewire section of the board, but we are selling it with a firewire cable if you'd like to experiment with that feature on your own.  

From Phonic, the Helix Board series mixers are a quality, cost effective solution for anyone in need of an analog mixer and computer front end. The Helix Board series combine analog mixer function and control with USB or Fire Wire ports. The digital connections enable the stereo mix to be transferred digitally to and from a computer. Software based recording and editing make the Helix Board series a welcome addition in home recording studios, home DJ rigs, church installations and venue sound systems.

The Helix Board 18 features a Fire Wire port, 10 input channels and an internal DFX digital effects processor. The input channels are made up of 6 mono line level, 4 stereo line level and 8 microphone inputs. Analog stereo outputs include stereo 1/4" phone Control Room and Main Outputs, RCA Tape I/O are also featured. The internal DFX effects processor provides quality 24-bit Delay, Chorus, Reverb and Distortion effects.

The Fire Wire port is capable of sending and receiving a stereo digital audio signal at 24-bit 96kHz resolution. In addition to outstanding digital audio fidelity, the Fire Wire connection is capable of streaming up to 16 independent channels with near zero latency. Multiple channel streaming enables the Helix Board 18 to operate as a true cost effective multi track interface for any PC or MAC based application.

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