USED Plush REP-3 Solid State Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

by Fuchs
$ 186.00

Like the Replay and Replay Jr, the REP-3 delivers tape-like goodness and has the same attention to the audio and delay circuits as the Replay and Replay Jr, but with a unique solid state audio stage. Andy's objective was very simple: To create a series of delays that delivered the warmth and musicality of tape, without the hassles and costs of replacing tapes, belts, motors and maintenance. Sure, everyone loves the sound of tape, who needs all the hassles? If you're like they you want "that sound" and nothing more.

• Cast Aluminum Housings
• Industrial Powder Coat Finish
• Heat Cured Silk Screen Labeling
• True Bypass
• Cliff Switch
• Neutrik Connectors
• Metal Shaft Controls
• Premium Boutique Quality Passive Components Selected For Tone
• Mil Spec Fiberglass Two Sided Circuit Board Construction For Consistent Long Term Performance

The REP-3 features up to one second of pure warm musical delay. Using a unique solid state audio circuit topology, the REP-3 still retains the warm musical tones of an analogue tape delay. By using a unique power supply topology, the incoming 9 volts is internally converted to plus and minus 9V for maximum dynamic range, lowest noise and musicality. The REP-3 also features the same proprietary great-sounding digital technology used in many of they pedals, for the delay line.

The enclosure is cast aluminum and precision machined. It features ultra-bright LEDS for highest visibility on stage or even outdoors. The control panel features: LEDS for: Echo mute and tempo indication. The REP-3 operates just as simply as a tape delay: No fancy programming or software silliness. Designed by musicians for musicians.

The control panel is clear, concise and user-friendly. Controls are delay time, mix, wow and flutter, repeats and fidelity. The fidelity control allows you to tailor the repeats from digitally clear to tape smoothness. An internal switch allows you to set the output to wet (delay only) for use through a parallel effects loop or for stereo ping-pong operation. While the REP-3 may be used on a pedal board in-front of an amplifier, for best performance, Plush FX Pedals encourage its use in an effects loop. The REP-3 is simple to operate its unique retro styling is equally at-home in a studio, as it is on a stage.

60 ma from external power supply, via industry standard 2.1 MM tip negative connector. Internal switching power supply produces bipolar supply for the audio stage. Use of this device at more than 9-VDC input is not recommended and voids warranty. As all internal supplies are regulated, there is no benefit to higher input voltages.

VU Meter
A-weighted 0-db indicates maximum signal to delay line before overload, works in conjunction with LED Peak indicator.

Digital Delay Technology
32-Khz clock speed, 16 Khz bandwidth. 20-ms to 1-second delay range. Passive wet/dry mixing for maximum sonic quality.

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