USED Pro Duplicator 1x11 CD/DVD Burner Tower

by Pro Duplicator
$ 376.00

Clean and fully tested, this Pro Duplicator 1x11 CD/DVD Burner Tower is 100% operational and ready to make up to 250 disc copies per hour for your church, studio, or duplication side-hustle.


  • Standalone DVD+-R/RW/CD duplicator (NO software or Computer required)
  • Reader/Source : 16X DVD-ROM (Pioneer, LG, or NEC)
  • Target/Writer : 20x Dual Layer DVD+-RW (Sony, LG)
  • Burning speed up to 20x  on both DVD+R & DVD-R
  • Duplicate up to 250 audio CD's per hour
  • Specially manufactured DVD Reader & controller to support high speed duplication
  • 3-4 minutes for half full DVD & 6-7 minutes for full DVD  
  • Multi-target simultaneous burning technology (No cool down time required)
  • User friendly interface with LCD display
  • Easy operation without software and training
  • Selectable burning speeds (options: burn at 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 12x, 20x)
  • Automatic CD/DVD format-detection
  • Collect & Edit Track from different Disc (CD only)
  • Automatic copy verify & compare
  • Upgradeable firmware via upgrade CD for future drive technology and updates


  • Reader Source:  DVD-ROM
  • Write Target:  CD/DVD Burner (Pioneer, Sony/NEC, or LG)
  • Maximum Write/Burn Speeds:  20X DVDR / 8X DVDR DL (dual layer) / 6X DVD-RW / 8X DVD+RW / 48X CD-R / 32X CD-RW

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