USED Retro Instruments 176 Limiting Amplifier

by Retro Instruments
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With a name paying homage to its legendary roots, the Retro Instruments 176 delivers every ounce of that magic, classic sound. Retro went out of their way to make the 176 faithful to the extraordinarily versatile Sinatra-era design we've all come to love, while incorporating the features you wish the original had. For example, there's a highpass filter, a hardwire bypass switch, and stereo linking. Plus, you can choose from even more colors by flipping a switch and bypassing the interstage transformer — perfect for bass and husky vocals. All in all, the 176 successfully honors the classic tube limiting amplifier while updating it for today's engineer, earning it "go-to" status from the likes of Jacquire King and Chris Lord-Alge. All in all, the Retro Instruments 176 is all about delivering that classic sound, without the classic's limitations — and doing it with the consistency and reliability you expect from a brand-new, boutique piece of gear.

  • Everything you love about the classic limiting amp
  • Faithfully designed with updates for the modern studio
  • Explore more colors with interstage transformer bypass
  • Retro Instruments: History inspired, made for today

Everything you love about the classic limiting amp
When you see the numbers 1, 7, and 6 show up on this tube limiting amplifier, you can know Retro Instruments more than earned the reference. This premium-limiting amp was made to sound and perform with every ounce of the versatility, energy, and "magic" that defined its namesake. The bottom line is, the Retro Instruments 176 delivers the essence of the classic, in a reliable, brand-new piece of boutique gear that's been fine-tuned for modern music production. You can't go wrong here.
Faithfully designed with updates for the modern studio
Although we all love vintage designs, when you put them through their paces, it's hard not to make "wish list" of features you wish they had. Fulfilling that wish list, while retaining the soul of the original, is precisely what Retro Instruments aims to do — a delicate balance perfectly showcased in the 176. For starters, Retro added a highpass filter, letting you smoothly rein in the low end that's retained in digital recording, in a way the original never needed to contemplate. Retro also added a hardwire bypass switch, so when it's out of the chain, it's out of the chain. And, for those of us in need of stereo linking, the 176's stereo link control ensures the two sides perfectly track together, so your image stays locked into place. There's also a front-panel meter zero adjust, so you no longer have to open the panel to get to it. With these additions, the 176 is right at home in the modern workflow.
Explore more colors with interstage transformer bypass
One feature that may not have been on your "wish list," but you'll love getting to know, is the addition of an interstage transformer bypass. With the classic, the interstage transformer was always engaged — and it's hard to go wrong with that sound. But, flip the bypass switch and you can work without the transformer, lending a sound that you'll find more than useful.
Retro Instruments: History inspired, made for today
They don't make them like they used to — and that's a good thing. Retro Instruments is all about taking a vintage product and building it the old way, with the old sound, while carefully selecting features that make the classic more usable in modern recording. It's a hybrid approach that's won the attention of countless top-level engineers, causing them to retire their vintage units and lean on Retro for delivering that classic sound in day-to-day use. If it's timeless sound you want — without the challenges in consistency and reliability of a 50-year-old unit — you'll find what you're looking for in Retro Instruments.

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