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USED Retro Instruments Mothership Recording Channel Strip

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After a vintage sound? Here's your all-in-one answer. The Retro Instruments Powerstrip recording channel is the one box you can plug everything into — instruments, mics, sends from your DAW, you name it — and count on it for that magic vintage "mixing desk" flavor you want. The sweetness starts with a timeless Class A tube mic preamp (think 1950s-era RCA broadcast console) followed by a Pultec-style EQ. It's the same EQ circuit Retro uses in the 2A3 stereo unit, in fact. Next up is a classic British tube-style compressor, that inspired-by-EMI, Altec sort of sound that really is the "sound" of the Beatles. All-in-all a super-flexible box with premium tone, the Powerstrip recording channel is your answer when you want it all or just can't decide.

  • Extremely flexible channel strip full of vintage flavor
  • Pull switch on the pre gives you two distinct flavors
  • Built for the studio but becoming a go-to stage box

Extremely flexible channel strip full of vintage flavor

The Retro Instruments Powerstrip recording channel manages to give you a little bit of everything, without compromise. Retro built this 1-2-3 punch combination of a preamp, EQ, and compressor to be the studio's go-to, delivering a sound reminiscent and inspired by vintage consoles. It all starts with the transformer-coupled Class A mic preamp, giving you enough gain for every mic or instrument you choose to throw its way. Plus, a balanced line-level input readies the Powerstrip for sends from your DAW during mix time. Next in line is a Pultec-style passive EQ, the very same sweet, flexible EQ circuit Retro uses on their stereo 2A3 unit. Last, but not least, Retro added its take on the EMI-modified Altec that the Beatles couldn't get enough of, giving you a brand of tube compression that's nothing but classic.

Pull switch on the pre gives you two distinct flavors

With the Powerstrip, it's like having two front ends in one. Retro added a pull switch that gives you quick access to two very different but very usable voices. Pull it out and it's more like a Marshall or Fender guitar input, push it in and it's more like a studio input you'd use for your mics. Sometimes, you might like the softer guitar sound better for your microphones, sometimes you'd want the extra tightness or hi-fi sound for your guitar. Try both.

Built for the studio but becoming a go-to stage box

With its timeless sound and vintage looks, the Retro Instruments Powerstrip is right at home in studios of all kinds and sizes. But, it's quickly becoming a hit on stages across the world, too. Voice-centric artists Colbie Caillet and Mat Kearney, and a growing list of others, have taken the Powerstrip on the road, finding that its tube character and vintage personality make the most of their voices. Beyond that, thanks to Retro's commitment to smart designs and first-class USA build quality, the Powerstrip is as reliable as it gets, delivering that Golden-era vintage sound you want, without the quirks you'd find in a Golden-era piece of gear.