USED Roland KC-350 Drum and Keyboard Amplifier

by Roland
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Make Your Keyboard HeardGuitarists wouldn't dream of gigging without their trusty amps. So why should keyboardists be expected to run their rigs through some unknown-quality venue PA? The powerful Roland KC-350 keyboard amp is a great way to localize your sound when you're sharing the stage with a large ensemble, and it's a must-have for solo gigs in makeshift venues that lack a decent sound system. And if you've ever struggled to hear your keyboards in your own monitor wedge, the KC-350 makes a fantastic personal monitor, while you use its stereo Line Outs to run your rig into the PA. Your keyboard rig is packed with fantastic sounds -- let the Roland KC-350 bring them to life with 120 watts of clear, deep power.

The Roland KC SoundIt's no surprise that this Roland amp is a favorite among live keyboardists. The 120-watt, two-way speaker system is tipped back to project your sound up and out, combining a 12-inch woofer and piezo tweeter to cover your keyboards' full range. In addition to stereo Line Outs, there's also a Subwoofer Out jack for even more impressive bass. The 3-band EQ provides control over your highs, mids, and lows, while the Shape switch provides an instant boost in the upper and lower ranges. So, what sounds better than a Roland KC-350 amp? Two of 'em -- in Stereo Link mode. Plug in both outputs of your stereo keyboard to the first KC-350, and run a single cable to the second amp via their Stereo Link ports. It's an excellent way to give your keyboards' amazing stereo-sampled patches the respect they deserve onstage.

Connect Four Stereo InputsSkip the rack mixer in your keyboard rig, and plug up to four stereo keyboards or sound modules directly into your KC-350 amp! In addition to 4 sets of stereo 1/4-inch jacks, there's a balanced XLR input for microphones -- perfect for keys/vocal solo gigs. Want to play to a click track? Set the Output Select knob to send Channel 4 only to your headphones. Or if the front-of-house PA is sending you a monitor feed from other instruments, plug it into channel 4 and turn Output Select to route it to the internal speakers, not Line Out. The amp's main volume control doesn't affect the Line Out volume, so you can monitor loudly or quietly on your KC-350 while sending your full-volume mix to the main PA. It's an amp, mixer, and monitoring solution in one box.

The Do-Everything AmpWith its onboard mixing and personal-monitor capabilities, the Roland KC-350 is a versatile tool for anyone who plays live. And with its fat 12-inch woofer and dedicated tweeter, the Roland KC-350 delivers clear, rich, full-range sound that most guitar or bass amps don't even attempt. Perhaps that's why guitarists like to play through the KC-350, especially when they're going electric-acoustic. Roland amps are also a favorite among the digital-drum-kit crowd. And with its stereo RCA inputs for aux sources like MP3 or CD players, it's a flexible portable PA. Overall, the KC-350 is a fantastic go-everywhere, do-everything workhorse -- no matter what instrument you play.

More Keys, PleaseWhen you want enough Roland sound to fill mid-sized venues, the 120-watt KC-350 is the perfect size. Keyboardists can't always depend on a venue's PA, and whether you're rehearsing or on a gig, it's just plain gratifying to pump a big, fat sound out of a serious set of speakers. So why should guitarists and bassists have all the fun? Get control over your on-stage sound with the Roland KC-350 amp.

Features:- 12-inch woofer and piezo tweeter deliver 120 watts of output
- Perfect for medium-sized shows, or as a personal monitor
- Rich, full sound covers the full range of keyboards, vocals, and other instruments
- 4-channel mixer provides individual level control over 4 stereo sources
- 4 sets of stereo 1/4-inch inputs, plus XLR input on channel 1
- Output Select on channel 4 lets you send it to the internal speakers only, skipping the Line Out -- idea for monitoring
- RCA aux inputs -- listen to CD or MP3 players over your amp
- Line Out and Subwoofer Out jacks -- connect to a PA or a separate sub
- Headphone jack with separate volume control
- 3-band equalizer controls highs, mids and lows, plus Shape switch gives extra high and low-end punch

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