USED SKB R102 DJ Rack and Laptop Shelf

by SKB
Sold out
$ 175.00

Ideal for laptop-based DJs and video rigs, SKB's 1SKB-R102 portable equipment rack has all of the useful features that make it ideal for small setups with big routing needs. The 1SKB-R102 is a roto-molded rack made of linear medium-density polyethylene (LMDPE) that's tough enough to shake off the wear and tear of the gigging life. The 1SKB-R102's 2U front is perfect for your power conditioner, audio interface, or any other rack gear. A 10U slanted top gives you plenty of space for your mixer or DJ-style control surface. A pair of handy side ports give you easy access for advanced cable-routing setups. If you need maximum protection for your gear with easy access to your cabling, get the 1SWB-R102 portable equipment rack case!

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