USED Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite USB Octo Core

by Universal Audio
$ 826.00

Clean and tested, this UAD Octo is ready to expand your Universal Audio studio to the next level with 8 cores!  Complete with original power supply and black USB3 cable.

UAD-2 Satellite is a portable USB 3 DSP Accelerator that lets you run Universal Audio’s industry-defining powered plug-ins on Windows.

Making records has become a global enterprise, which means that sometimes your audio processing equipment has to travel along with you. With Universal Audio’s UAD-2 Satellite OCTO Core USB 3 DSP Accelerator, you can travel light and still have the sound of racks of the world’s finest analog gear. UAD-2 Satellite OCTO Core, a sleek, ultra-portable, USB 3 processing unit does the job with its OCTO-core processor and universal power adapter. UAD-2 Satellite OCTO Core also includes Universal Audio’s “Analog Classics” plug-in bundle, so you can take as many LA-2A, 1176LN/SE, and Pultec EQP1-A processors as your USB 3-based windows machine can handle. Next time you find yourself on the road with projects that still need recalls, take along a UAD-2 Satellite OCTO Core with all your UAD powered plug-ins and tweak mixes wherever you are.

Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite USB OCTO Core unique features:

  • Run UAD Powered Plug-Ins via USB 3 on Windows-based PCs
  • Portable UAD-2 Satellite Accelerator unit lets you take UAD plug-ins “on the road,” mixing on Windows
  • Includes UA’s “Analog Classics” bundle featuring Legacy editions of LA-2A Classic Audio Leveler, 1176LN / 1176SE Classic Limiting Amplifiers, Pultec EQP-1A, Pultec Pro, and RealVerb Pro
  • 8 SHARC floating-point processors

Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite USB OCTO Core key features:

  • Access over 90 plug-ins from Ampex, Lexicon, Roland, Studer, Neve, Manley, SSL, EMT and more (sold separately)
  • Gives native systems a DSP boost for running larger mixes,
  • Compatible with Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, Live, Digital Performer and more
  • Combine with other UAD-2 devices, including UAD-2 PCIe cards, and Apollo audio interface
  • VST, AU, RTAS, Pro Tool 12 AAX support

Outside The BoxThe UAD-2 Satellite OCTO Core is an external DSP unit that connects to Windows based desktop and laptop PCs via a USB 3 connection. That’s right, a simple USB cable is all it takes to plug into Universal Audio’s ultra accurate analog hardware emulations. UAD-2 Satellite DSP Accelerators come in a sleek and easily portable package with a choice of two processor configurations: the QUAD or OCTO—with four or eight Analog Devices SHARC floating-point processors respectively. The rear panel of the UAD-2 Satellite OCTO Core has a USB 3 port, power supply connector, and a Kensington Lock, to make sure your UAD-2 Satellite USB OCTO Core always travels securely with you (and not someone else).

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