USED Yamaha SY22 Vector Synthesizer

by Yamaha
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Two Synths in One

The SY22 incorporates two synthesis systems: AWM and FM. AWM "Advanced Wave Memory" is sophisticated sampling technology that allows high-fidelity reproduction of digitally recorded "live" sound. FM is Yamaha's proven Frequency Modulation synthesis technology that is capable of creating extraordinarily warm, vibrant simulations of actual instruments, as well as an infinite variety of orginal sounds. The vector synthesis system brings these two tone generation systems together.

Sonic "Building Blocks"

With 128 preset AWM waveforms and 256 preset FM waveforms the SY22 provides an extensive library of sonic "building blocks" from which to create new voices.

Vector Control

Vector Control can be used to control either level or detune along a vertical axis if a 2-element voice is selected, or along both the vertical and horizontal axis if a 4-element voice is selected. Moving the control towards one element increases the pitch of that element while decreasing the pitch others. This helps produce a broad range of expressive effects.

Dynamic Vectors

Dynamic level and detune vectors can be recorded easily in real-time.

Indepth or Instant Voice Editing

A wide range of programming parameters allows you to shape the individual elements in a voice to match your musical requirements. This enables you to program complex amplitude envelopes for each element from scratch, choose from a range of preset generic envelopes that can be edited later for fine control, or simply use the original envelopes that are included with the SY22's internal waveforms.

Ready-to-Play Preset Voices

64 superb preset voices can be played right away without programming or altered and modified through the SY22 vector control functions if one wants to inject their own original expression into their music

Overlapping Voice Selection

If you select a new voice while holding notes on the keyboard, the held notes will continue playing the previous voice while subsequently played notes will use the new voice. This provides smooth switching between voices without unnatural sound cutoff or gaps, and makes it possible to play several voices at once by holding a note or two, selecting a new voice, holding a couple more notes, selecting a second voice, and so on.

Multi-timbre Mode

In addition to normal voice play mode, the SY22 features a multi-play mode in which up to 8-part multi-play mode perfect for sequencer driven applications and layered multi-voice performance.

Built-in Drums

The SY22 supplies a complete drum and percussion kit in the form of a single voice making an extra drum machine unneccessary.

Built-in Effects

The SY22 provides direct access to 16 effect programs including reverb, delay, early reflection, and distortion.

Complete MIDI Implementation

The SY22 has a complete set of MIDI parameters for maximum compatibility and versatility.

Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels

Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels.

Stereo Output

SY22's stereo outputs enable a variety of stereo effects since each element in any voice can be panned to any position in the stereo sound field.

LED Display

A large, bright 7-segment LED voice/multi number display is easy to read even in low stage or studio lighting.

LCD Display

16-character x 2-line backlit LCD is easier on the eyes.
Master Volume Control and Headphone Jack

Master volume control and headphone jack.

Built-in Demo Playback

This feature enables the SY22 to playback demos.

Velocity and After-Touch Keyboard

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