USED Yamaha YOB-241 Series Student Oboe

by Yamaha
$ 975.00
$ 895.00

Fully serviced by master technician Bryan Lopes, clean and ready to play - save $1963 compared to buying new.



Newly designed, highly polished bore
The new bore design which incorporates vertical integration is similar to that of the YOB-841 professional model. This results in improved projection and improved tonal qualities.

Newly designed undercut tone hole design
Also similar to the YOB-841, the new taper to the tone hole design provides the player with a smooth response and even intonation.

Nickel-silver bell ring
The bell ring increases the effective density of the bell for a quicker response and a more focused sound.

French taper pivot screws
French taper pivot screws are designed for precise adjustment and increased longevity.

Stainless steel springs
Durability, key balance, and a more comfortable feel are all benefits of using stainless steel as the spring material.

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