Washburn B9 Americana Series 5-string Resonator Banjo

by Washburn
$ 369.99

The Washburn B9 Americana Series 5-string Resonator Banjo sports a Mahogany Resonator with an aluminum rim and an 11" grooved tension hoop, giving it great tone and projection. The chrome armrest adds comfort to the playability of this great Washburn Banjo. Planetary tuners and a traditional tailpiece keep you in tune while you enjoy this great Washburn Banjo.

From workhorse to showstopper, Washburn banjos are seen on every stage and played by some of the finest pickers in the country - or the city. See how the addition of a banjo can broaden your sonic pallet and add dimension to your music. For traditionalists, you'll find all the tone & projection you'd expect from their world class instruments. From tone ring to inlay, it's what a great banjo should be.

Product Highlights

  • Mahogany Resonator Back Provides Classic Banjo Tones
  • Rosewood Fretboard with Smooth, Comfortable Neck
  • Remo Head with Ebony-Topped Maple Bridge
  • Ideal for Any Gig or Jam Session

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