Strauss 6400 Deluxe Student Trumpet Outfit with Case and Mouthpiece

by Strauss Musical Instruments
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$ 319.99
$ 299.99

80% of kids who start band play for 2 years.  Compared to the high rental cost at other stores, this quality horn saves you $300 over two years when you trade it back to us.  How's that for a hookup?

Why this is a great opportunity: 

  • Our high-quality trumpet outfit costs less than renting
  • You can bundle ProCare with your instrument to make this our Best Deal:  any and all maintenance and cleaning is included at no charge, plus complete accident protection - including full replacement 
  • When you are finished using the instrument you have a Guaranteed Trade-In so that you can upgrade or switch instruments at any time

What you get with this purchase:

  • Our best-selling Strauss Deluxe Trumpet, fully inspected and ready to play
  • A really nice hard case...really
  • 7C mouthpiece
  • A one-year manufacturer's warranty that covers how the trumpet is made


Package with ProCare and receive:

  • Complete maintenance coverage that includes any repairs, adjustments, and cleaning at no additional cost.  The service on a student trumpet averages $45 per visit
  • Complete accident protection, even if it's your fault.  We will repair, replace, or refund full credit (including sales tax) so that you can choose something else.  You are 100% covered.
  • A Guaranteed Trade-In good for the next two years.  If the player is doing so well that it's time for a Level 2 "step-up" instrument, we'll give you 100% of the purchase price of the trumpet back as a trade-in credit.  That's right:  we reward success.


Learn more about ProCare

Product Description

The Strauss 6400 Student / Intermediate Bb Trumpet is an easy to play student horn with the quality you find in much more expensive brasswinds. The 6400 features a precision-welded bell for continuous and even vibrations in all registers. The trumpet is a free-blowing horn with accurate intonation.  Our Strauss Deluxe trumpet also features Monel valves for increased durability and quick action. Georgia Music Educator approved.  Deluxe molded case, mouthpiece included.
Why is this trumpet better than the Strauss 6300 for $189? 

  • upgraded to Monel piston plating for smooth, fast response (normally found on trumpets in the $599+ price range)
  • Double-braced main slide for increased durability against drops

Buy yours today while our limited supply lasts!

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