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DC Lessons: Your Pace, Your Schedule

In person or online, people around Atlanta are loving our style of music lessons.  We teach beginning and intermediate guitar, beginning and intermediate piano, beginning and intermediate saxophone, and beginning bass, voice, mandolin and ukulele lessons in our studio in Smyrna or from the comfort of your couch via video calls on your preferred platform.
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What makes our style of lessons different from most others is that you aren't forced to buy bundles of sessions at a time. If you purchase a guitar from us and want a lesson to get you started on your journey, great!  If your schedule is unpredictable and you need a different day and a different time every two weeks, we got you.  If you need to develop a hybrid routine of mixing in-person and online because of school or work, just let us know. 
At DC, learning happens at your pace and on your schedule, and you simply pay as you go.


Meet The Teachers

Aldo Cardenas DC Lessons


Aldo Cardenas is an Atlanta based musician and educator. As a beginning musician Aldo came across Dirt Cheep, which quickly turned into his first choice for musical equipment and advice. After growing up in Marietta and developing a general musical background on several instruments and musical styles, he attended Kennesaw State University, where he found his passion for teaching. Being raised in a Spanish-speaking household in Marietta heavily influenced his teaching methods. With DC Lessons, Aldo helps students identify their own goals and aspirations, while ensuring a solid foundation in musical knowledge. As a working musician, Aldo has the pleasure of working with established actors and artists alike, including Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, YG, and many more. Aldo frequently performs with the professional mariachi band, Mariachi Buhos de Oro. The group regularly plans and performs outreach events at schools in the greater Atlanta area.


Aldo Cardenas es un músico y educador que vive en Atlanta. Como músico principiante, Aldo encontró la tienda Dirt Cheep, que rápidamente se convirtió en su primera opción para su equipo musical y consejos en el área de trabajo que le interesaba. Aldo desarrolló un talento musical general en varios instrumentos y estilos musicales, y decidió ir a Kennesaw State University, donde encontró su pasión por la enseñanza. El haber crecido en un hogar en la comunidad Hispana en Marietta influyó mucho en sus métodos de enseñanza. Con DC Lessons, Aldo ayuda a los estudiantes a identificar sus propias metas y aspiraciones, y al mismo tiempo garantiza una base sólida en el conocimiento musical. Como músico, el Sr. Cárdenas ha tenido el placer de trabajar con actores y artistas conocidos, incluidos Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, YG y muchos más. Aldo se presenta con la banda de mariachis profesional, Mariachi Búhos de Oro. El grupo planifica y realiza regularmente eventos de educación en las escuelas del área metropolitana de Atlanta.



Meet the teacher Patrick Wood

Patrick Wood is originally from Houston, Texas but spent almost his entire life in Georgia. He has a wonderful and loving wife, three great kids, and a home that he's constantly renovating. Patrick loves everything music! He sings, plays guitar, piano, drums, bass, mandolin and ukulele. He writes and arranges songs and never seems to get tired of it! Patrick played soccer growing up and loves to watch his favorite team, Chelsea, playing on Saturday mornings. Patrick comments, "I love grilling and I can smoke a pretty delicious salmon! I sing and play in a local cover band (Flux Capacitor) frequently around town.  I also am the music minister at Covenant UMC right here in Smyrna. I direct the choir and sing and play there every Sunday!  I’m excited to teach here at Dirt Cheep!"