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Sell, Trade, Or Consign Your Used Gear

We buy all types of Used and Vintage gear! From guitars and amps to drums, cymbals, keyboards, microphones and effects pedals (and much more), we have a great reputation for paying more for used pro audio and musical instruments than the chain stores do. Do you have an old saxophone under the bed from high school? Mic stands in the garage from your jam-band days? How about a student guitar in the closet, but you're ready to trade it in for something that sounds better?  Dirt Cheep wants your old stuff!
We give you payment or store credit on the spot for your used gear, and are happy to talk about helping you sell your entire collection on consignment. We often work with recording artists and collectors to help sell dozens of pieces of gear at one time. Think of the Cheep when you need to move your gear and get top dollar for it!
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Dirt Cheep buys all kinds of musical instruments and pro audio equipment daily. We do offer the best possible price to every seller, based on the supply, demand and condition of your specific products. However, making sure the product is clean, functional and has all of the related accessories, cables, or adapters will certainly improve the wholesale value of your gear.

Our buyers have extensive experience in this industry, and are trained on how to appropriately value all categories of musical instruments and pro audio equipment. Every product is unique and in some circumstances the value will fluctuate based on supply, demand, condition, the age of the product, and other market factors.

All offers are based on the fair market value of each of your products and, hey, we value the business of you selling your gear just as much as we value your business when you make a purchase.

Our offers are subject to thorough testing of the product you are selling to us, so please allow ample testing time when you come in (don't show up five minutes before we close, for example :).

DC pays you on the spot, typically in the form of an official company check that has no waiting period. We can also pay you digitally with PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp if you prefer. Please bring a valid driver’s license or government-issued identification card as required by state laws. You must be 18 years old and the legal owner of the product to sell stuff to us. 

Sure thing, we know there are times when consigning makes the most sense for both of us. Perhaps you want more than we are willing to pay at the time but are willing to wait for a higher price. Or, perhaps we don't need your gear for inventory because we have plenty or it's a slow seller, but we can help by leveraging our web platforms and marketing budget, as well as our storefront, sales staff, and stellar reputation to sell your gear for you. Each consignment is unique, so bring in your gear or call us to start the conversation, and we can figure out if selling or consigning makes the most sense for your situation.




  • Electric and Acoustic Guitars
  • Guitar Amps (Heads, Cabs, and Combos)
  • Effects Pedals
  • Electric, Acoustic, and Upright Basses
  • Banjos, Dobros and Mandolins
  • Dulcimers and Lap Steels
  • Drum Kits (Acoustic and Electronic)
  • Hand Percussion (Congas, Bongos, Cajons, Djembes)
  • Drum Hardware 
  • Cymbals
  • Keyboard Workstations, Synths, and Digital Pianos
  • MIDI Controllers
  • DJ Mixers and Controllers
  • Drum Machines
  • Direct-drive Turntables
  • Professional LED Light Fixtures and Lighting Controllers
  • Microphones
  • Single Processors (Crossovers, Compressors, Equalizers)
  • Passive and Active Loudspeakers
  • Digital and Analog Mixing Consoles
  • Power Amplifiers
  • Microphone, Speaker, and Lighting Stands
  • Powered Studio Monitors
  • Audio Interfaces
  • Digital Multitrack Recorders
  • DAT and CD Recorders
  • Violins, Violas, and Cellos
  • Trumpets and Trombones
  • Flutes and Clarinets
  • Soprano, Alto, and Tenor Saxophones
  • Low Brass (F Horn, Baritones, Tubas)



  • Acoustic Pianos
  • Copyrighted Material like Software, Books, Videos and DVDs
  • Consumer Electronics (Car Audio, Home Theater, TV's)
  • Analog Tape Recorders
  • Guitar Parts, Strings, Drum Sticks and Drum Heads
  • Incandescent Lighting Gear
  • Autoharps
  • Harmonicas