Instrument & Electronics Repair

Georgia folks keep us busy with instrument and electronics repairs, and love our good work! 

Do you need help with the maintenance or repair of your musical instruments or pro audio equipment?  If so, you can trust the experts at Dirt Cheep to take care of your gear with precision and excellent prices.  We offer complete repair and service of the following instruments and equipment in-house and through our local network of certified technicians:


Fretted Instruments

Acoustic guitars, electric guitars, electric and acoustic basses, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles. At this time we do not service autoharps.

Orchestral Strings

Violins, violas, and cellos.  At this time we do not offer full service on upright basses, but we do sell upright bass supplies.

Woodwind Instruments

Clarinets, flutes, all saxophones, oboes, piccolos, bassoons, and more.

Brasswind Instruments

Trumpets, trombones, baritones, tubas, euphoniums, flugelhorns, and more.


The current turnaround time on minor repairs and restrings is 2-3 days.  The current turnaround time on set ups, woodwind and brasswind repairs is 7-14 days.


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Electronics and Pro Audio Gear

We also offer repairs on a wide variety of keyboards, DJ controllers and turntables, mixing consoles, and other pro audio electronics.  These repairs require a $75 deposit that covers the first hour of work, including diagnostics.  If the repair can be completed in the first hour then that's all you pay;  if more work and parts are required, we will contact you with an estimate and your deposit is credited towards the total cost.  No appointment is needed, drop off your gear for a service ticket during regular business hours.

The current turnaround time for most electronic repairs is three to five weeks. Most suppliers of parts have continued component shortages, or are working at a reduced warehouse capacity.


Speaker Repairs

We use Northwest Speaker Repair and have for over 35 years -- we recommend that you do too! Contact them @ 770-438-0500