Thanks for taking the time to check out Dirt Cheep. We're proud of our musical ability to do more with less.

Dirt Cheep is a family-owned music store that specializes in a tasty blend of new and used pro audio equipment and musical instruments. We believe in relationships built on trust and expertise, and we believe in honest and straightforward business with a touch of Southern charm.  Dirt Cheep is a purposefully modest shop focused on saving our customers money;  we do more with less. 

Our staff is made of music-makers.  We have been students, teachers, producers, managers, engineers, performers, writers, and music publishers, and we help our customers in unique ways because of our collective experiences. Because we are seasoned professionals with wide-ranging experience you can relax knowing that what we recommend is what will work best for your situation. We will never try to sell you anything that you don’t need, but we might show you something that is insanely fun to use and sparks your creativity.

Since 1984 Dirt Cheep has provided local students, teachers, churches, singers, songwriters, DJ’s and bands with the tools to make their music come alive, and the best values for the lowest prices. Visit us in person or online and we’ll be happy to see you … we promise.