Ibanez Guitars and Basses

The history of the Ibanez brand began in the late 1800's with the Spanish guitar maker Salvador Ibanez, whose instruments were widely acclaimed for their quality and craftsmanship.  Hoshino, a Japanese distributor, began importing the guitars into Japan and eventually took on the brand name after Salvador's company dissolved.  Hoshino maintained the superior quality that positioned Ibanez to step to the forefront of modern guitar-making, and that tradition of quality continues today in every Ibanez instrument.

When famous Ibanez models like the Roadstar and Iceman appeared in the 1970's, the popularity of Ibanez instruments surged. In 1987 Steve Vai and Ibanez collaborated to create the JEM, their original hot-rodded double-cut model.  The JEM inspired the RG series, both of which continue to be some of Ibanez' most popular models.  Highly regarded electric basses and hollowbody guitars joined the electrics as Ibanez continues to expand their creativity in both classic and modern body designs, finishes, and electronics.

Dirt Cheep is proud to be an Authorized Dealer for all Ibanez products.  Please call or come down to learn more about these world-class instruments for professionals and beginners alike.  And remember:  we love trade-ins!

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