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Blessing BTR1460S Performance Series Intermediate Bb Trumpet, Silver-plated

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Original price $ 1,599.99
$ 1,599.99
$ 1,599.99 - $ 1,599.99
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Hey there, fellow trumpet players! If you're in the market for a new trumpet that can handle any playing level, the Blessing BTR1460S is definitely worth checking out. This horn has it all: a rose brass lead pipe for smooth airflow, a yellow brass bell for tonal depth, and stunning silver plating that ties everything together into one sophisticated package. And don't forget about its mid-size, 0.460-inch bore, which complements the bell and optimizes airflow for an incredible playing experience. But the real standout feature here is the reliable and responsive monel valve system - something that musicians at Dirt Cheep always recommend as a first choice. Whether you're a student, professional, or somewhere in between, the BTR1460S is sure to impress. So why not give it a try and take your playing to the next level?

Picture this: you're behind the wheel of a shiny new car, cruising down the open road. It feels a little unfamiliar at first, but soon enough, you're loving the smooth ride and top-notch details that take it from simple steering to a great experience of actually driving. That's exactly what it's like switching from a beginner horn to the Blessing BTR1460S trumpet. With its 5-inch, yellow brass bell, you'll be able to produce a broad, steady sound that gives you greater control than ever before. And thanks to the 1st-valve thumb saddle, you'll enjoy even more stability while you hold your horn. But the real game-changer? The 3rd-valve ring trigger, which lets you tune up on the fly and feel confident and in command during big performances. Trust us, once you experience the top-notch details of the BTR1460S, you won't want to go back to your old horn.

Blessing BTR1460S Intermediate Bb Trumpet Features:

  • Intermediate level Bb trumpet with silver-plating
  • Monel valve system for smooth action and top-notch corrosion resistance
  • 0.460-inch, medium-large bore for a direct, focused tone
  • 5-inch, yellow brass bell to add tonal depth to your sound
  • Standard rose brass lead pipe plays smooth and stands up to heavy use
  • 1st-valve thumb saddle trigger for easy tuning
  • 3rd-valve fixed ring adjustable slide stop
  • Includes Blessing 7C mouthpiece and deluxe case with backpack-style straps