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Alesis Command Mesh Special Edition 8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

by Alesis
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Original price $ 699.99
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For inspiring sounds and premium features, look no further than the Command Mesh Special Edition Electronic Drum Kit from Alesis, a five-pad three-cymbal kit with powerful features for learning drums and improving quickly. At the heart of this kit lies the Command Advanced Drum Module, which is packed with 54 factory presets and over 670 inspiring drum sounds spanning a wide range of genres and play styles and featuring numerous multisampled sounds for more expressive, nuanced playing.

The mesh pads are dual-zone triggered and feature realistic feel and prominent rims for cracking programmable rimshots, while the cymbals are sturdy and responsive and sport choking. The Command Mesh Special Edition Kit makes a great choice for home practice or studio use, sporting the ability to add your own drum samples, recording your performances, and utilizing MIDI for integration with your preferred VST or DAW, all via USB, for truly unlocked creative potential.

Command Advanced Drum Module

The Command Advanced Drum Module has all the features a drummer needs to sound great, starting with the sounds. There are 74 kits (54 factory and 20 user) and 671 sounds that span a variety of genres and styles. Many of the sounds are also multisampled for more natural playability. Instead of one sound that gets louder or softer depending on how hard you hit the drum pad, you'll hear slight variations in each hit, just like on an actual drum. This means that more nuanced playing will shine through without the risk of sounding artificial, and drum rolls will sound natural. The Command Advanced Drum Module also sports comprehensive I/O for any scenario including:

  • USB-A for recording and playing back up to 99 performance tracks, saving/loading kits, and loading external samples via USB thumb drive
  • USB-B allows you to send and receive MIDI information for playback or control
  • 5-pin MIDI DIN cable input and output communicates directly with MIDI enabled gear or interfaces
  • 3.5mm stereo headphone output 
  • 3.5mm aux input for playing back with external tracks from smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Dual 1/4" outputs enable you to send a stereo line signal to any mixer, interface, PA, or amp
  • 1/4" trigger input for extra third crash cymbal
  • 1/4" trigger input to enable extra fourth tom pad

Superior Mesh Heads

Drummers know that mesh drumheads offer the most natural-feeling playing experience on an electronic kit. The Command Mesh Special Edition features large pads with tightly woven mesh drumheads for maximum playability. The 10" snare and 8" tom pads are all dual-zone, which means you get two different sounds per pad, one sound on the mesh head and another on the rim. You can use this to perform rim-shots or to program additional percussion sounds around the kit, which can enhance your performances. The 8" mesh kick drum pad is built to last, with a large surface area that works great with the included kick pedal but also easily fits a double pedal if that's your style. For cymbals, there's a 10" crash with choke, a 10" ride with choke, and a 10" hi-hat that includes an expressive foot control pedal.

USB Sound Loading and Saving

Have a favorite drum sound that you'd like to use? The Command Advanced Drum Module makes it possible to add your own drum samples via USB, so you can create your own unique kits. You can record your performances directly on the module too, with up to 5 internal tracks or 99 with a USB thumb drive. Still need more flexibility? The convenient USB/MIDI connection allows you to connect the module to a computer for use with your favorite VST or DAW for endless creative possibilities.