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Dirt Cheep Cleaning and Care Kit, Saxophone

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The Dirt Cheep Cleaning and Care Kit is essential for the maintenance of your alto or tenor saxophone.  The kit contains all of the tools and supplies needed to keep your sax clean and in good working order.  While bundling ProCare with your instrument means that all the routine adjustments and accidental repairs are covered by us at no additional cost, daily maintenance using this kit is like brushing your teeth;  you do regular checkups at the dentist, but daily cleaning is still required.  :)

Our kit includes:

  • Saxophone hanky cotton body swab (way better than the felt swabs most other kits use)
  • Saxophone hanky neck swab (most other kits don't have one)
  • Dirt Cheep cork grease
  • Dirt Cheep untreated polish cloth
  • Faxx reed guard
  • Saxophone thumb pad (goes over the thumb rest for comfort)
  • Woodwind mouthpiece brush
  • Practice record
  • Pencil
  • Instructions