Gemini GMU-G100 UHF Wireless Guitar System

by Gemini
$ 49.99

The Gemini GMU-G100 UHF Wireless Guitar System is a simple solution to connect your guitar, bass, keyboard, or mixer wirelessly to your amplifier, pedalboard, or sound system.  It is extremely easy to set up with the push of the SET button, and the transmitter and receiver pair up via selectable UHF channels.  With excellent sound quality for the price and recharageable via USB, the GMU-100 is an affordable solution that makes your stage or practice space clean!

• UHF High Band Single Channel Receiver with multi-selectable frequencies (512-541.7MHz)
• Ultra-fast Microcomputer Controlled PLL Oscillation Circuit
• Advance Compression Circuit rejects unwanted noise
• Hassle-free Automatic Transmitter setup via SET Button
• GT10 Transmitter with 1/4" Jack, connect to guitar, keyboard, mixer, etc
• R10 Receiver with 1/4" Jack, connect to amplifier, pedal, mixer, etc
• Charge Transmitter and Receiver via USB port 

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