Hohner Panther 3100GB 3-row Diatonic Accordion, G-C-F

by Hohner
$ 599.99

The Hohner Panther GCF diatonic accordion features many of the high-quality features found on more expensive diatonic accordions offered by Hohner, but at a lower price point. This accordion plays in the keys of G, C, and F and features double-strap brackets, 31 treble keys, 12 bass/chord buttons, and 2 sets of treble reeds. The Panther is 12" high by 7.5" deep and weighs 9 pounds.


Product Highlights

  • Plays in keys of G/C/F
  • 31 treble keys, 12 bass/chord keys, and 2 sets of treble reeds
  • Compact, lightweight diatonic button accordion
  • 12" high x 7-1/2" deep and weighs 9 pounds
  • Best value for Hohner accordions, ideal for starters


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