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LD Systems ICOA 15 A Two-Way 15" Coaxial 1200W Powered Portable PA Speaker

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Designed to deliver high-quality audio, the 15" LD Systems ICOA 15 A BT is a highly flexible, easy to use, 1200W powered portable PA speaker with integrated DSP for today's working musicians, singer/songwriters, mobile DJs, entertainers, and other sound providers.

The speaker works in a variety of orientations and configurations for use as a main PA or stage monitor. When used as a main speaker, the ICOA 15 A BT is well equipped to cover an audience of up to 250.

The ICOA 15 A features a built in DYNX DSP processor with built-in limiting, EQ, compression, and crossover functions. The Menu button and LCD display provide access to the four DSP presets including: Full Range, Monitor, Flat, and Satellite for incorporating a dedicated subwoofer to extended low-end performance. A 3-band EQ is also available for customizing the highs, mids, and lows of the audio signal, while an alignment delay allows you fine tune the placement of the speaker when using subwoofers or for delay-line applications.

Additionally, the integrated multiband limiter automatically analyzes the audio signal and seamlessly optimizes the bass, mid, and treble frequencies, allowing you to operate at an overall higher sound pressure level without negative effects.

Two mono inputs, each with a combo XLR-1/4" connector, have individual gain knobs and can accommodate line-level signals or dynamic microphones, while the master volume knob controls the overall level. A 3.5mm TRS input allows you to connect a portable audio device. The integrated Bluetooth audio receiver allows you to wirelessly transmit audio from a phone, tablet, computer, or other compatible device at a distance of up to 30'.

The two mono inputs are mixed to a mono signal internally, while an XLR system-out allows you to route the signal to an additional ICOA series speaker for extending the mono signal for better coverage or to a subwoofer for an expansive bass response. For a true stereo L/R operation, two ICOA 15 A BT speakers are needed with each to receive independent the left and right signals respectively.

The highly efficient 1200W Class-D amplifier powers the 15" woofer and 1" compression driver, which provide full-range audio (48 Hz to 20 kHz) with a sound pressure level powerful enough to ensure the entire audience can hear your performance.

The BEM-optimized CD horn provides a 90x50° (HxV) coverage pattern and is designed to deliver a more consistent sound to the audience, while keeping the audio off the ceiling and walls. The horn is user rotatable when using the speaker as a floor monitor. The ICOA 15 A BT includes a power cord.

At a Glance

  • Utilitarian speaker for full-range, satellite, and monitor applications
  • Two-way speaker with 15" woofer
  • Equipped with Bluetooth audio streaming
  • 128 dB max SPL and 300 W RMS power handling (1200 W peak)
  • Coaxial design with rotatable, BEM-optimized CD horn for vertical and horizontal use
  • Horn-loaded woofer
  • DynX DSP with four presets featuring three-band equalizer (EQ) and delay function
  • Two line/mic input channels with individual gain controllers, 3.5mm jack input, plus mono mix output
  • Dual-tilt stand connection with a tilt angle of 0 and 5°,
  • Enclosure features 55° angled side for sturdy floor monitor applications
  • Shockproof front grille for the best speaker protection
  • Four aluminum handles with ergonomic, rubberized surface
  • Comprehensive range of optionally available accessories for installation and transport