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Mackie Thump 212XT 12" 1,400W Enhanced Powered Loudspeaker With Bluetooth & EQ Voicing

by Mackie
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Step up your live sound with the all-new Mackie Thump212XT - a completely reimagined powered loudspeaker packing upgraded components and exclusive performance features. This robust 1500-watt speaker is ready to deliver pristine, punchy audio indoors or outside. 

Unrivaled Sound Quality

At the core of the Thump212XT lies an all-new high-output 12" woofer paired with a titanium compression driver. This dynamic driver combination achieves clear, detailed sound across the frequency spectrum - from tight, rich low end to shimmering highs. 

- Custom 12" woofer designed by Mackie engineers punches up the bass
- Titanium diaphragm compression driver produces crisp, articulate highs
- Wide dispersion of 120 x 60 degrees covers more of the audience
- 1500 watts of Class D amplification provides headroom for any gig

Optimized Voicing Modes 

Unlike other powered speakers, the Thump212XT provides voicing modes to automatically adapt its EQ for your particular venue or application. Choose from:

- Music playback - optimized for recorded tracks
- Live sound reinforcement - designed for mics and instruments  
- Club - bumps up the bass for DJs and electronic acts
- Monitor - tuned for use as a floor wedge

With the touch of a button, your tone is tailored to sound fantastic. No more wasted time endlessly tweaking the EQ between gigs!

Indoor & Outdoor Presets

Another Thump212XT exclusive feature are the Indoor and Outdoor presets. Outdoor gigs present unique challenges that indoor EQ settings simply can't compensate for. Instantly toggle between: 

- Indoor - bass-friendly EQ for venues with walls and a ceiling
- Outdoor - compensates for open environments lacking boundaries

Now you can dial in the perfect tone with the push of a button. 

Flexible Control Options

The Thump212XT empowers you with flexible control capabilities:

- Built-in feedback eliminator prevents sonic squeals
- Music ducking lowers other channels when vocals start  
- Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music streaming and control 
- Stereo link multiple ThumpXT speakers wirelessly

Take advantage of advanced features like ducking and feedback elimination to enhance your performance. Use the Thump Connect 2 app to adjust levels, EQ and more from your mobile device.

Mackie's all-new Thump212XT powered speaker provides sound quality, optimization features, and wireless control in a lightweight package - delivering exceptional value for solo acts, DJs, and bands. Step up your live sound today!