On-Stage Stands MDT2 Drumfire Double-Braced Drum Throne

by On-Stage Stands
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$ 68.99

The On-Stage MDT2 DrumFire double-braced drum throne features a soft, foam-cushioned seat and double-braced tripod legs, which offer strength and stability. Unlike lesser designs, the MDT2 is secure, without any wiggling, thanks to a spider-shaped insert at the base of the height-adjustable shaft. The upgraded design features a larger and thicker seat diameter providing outstanding comfort and support.


- Seat is stuffed with high-density foam
- Improved design features a larger and thicker seat cushion
- Height adjusts from 19.5 - 24.4 inches with 5 locking pin locations
- Solid steel double-braced legs and non-slip rubber feet provide maximum stability
- Internal nylon sleeve around the height adjustable shaft and a spider shaped insert holds the two shafts securely and eliminates any wiggling of the seat

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