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Rossetti 1152 Nickel Plated Student Flute Outfit

Original price $ 249.99 - Original price $ 249.99
Original price $ 249.99
$ 249.99
$ 249.99 - $ 249.99
Current price $ 249.99

Product Highlights

  • Key of C
  • Nickel-plated body (less time spent polishing)
  • Ribbed wall construction
  • US pads
  • Stainless steel springs
  • Durable hard case, black
  • Cleaning rod
  • One year warranty

Nickel-plated Student Flute Outfit that is LESS than renting!

The Rossetti 6456 Flute incorporates features you normally find only on the best student flutes with it's light and bright tone and ease of play. Your young student will find that this closed-hole flute intonates well. The tone and focus of the Rossetti is also remarkable for a flute of this price.   Our price is for a complete outfit that includes the instrument, a hard case, and a cleaning rod. The Rossetti 6456 flute easily beats out the competition in value.  Georgia music educator approved!