Rotosound JK12 Jumbo King Phosphor Bronze 12-54 Acoustic Guitar Strings

by Rotosound
$ 6.99

Rotosound's best selling acoustic strings manufactured from high-grade phosphor bronze wire to exacting tolerances. Bright, long lasting, and extremely durable are the trademarks of these superior sets, all at an economical price.  The JK12 has a warm bottom end but retains good clarity in the top end with excellent projection that leans slightly bright.  A very musical string with decades of heritage, still made in the United Kingdom as they always have been.

  • Instrument  6-String Acoustic Guitar
  • Gauge Range  12 - 54
  • Gauges  12 , 16 , 24w , 32 , 44 , 54 (wound 3rd)
  • Wrap Material  Phosphor Bronze
  • Construction  Round Wound Hex Core / Round Core
  • Coated / Non-Coated   Non Coated

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