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Savarez 520R Professional Classical Guitar Strings, Nylon

by Savarez
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$ 15.99
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SAVAREZ Traditional 520R "Red Card" classical guitar strings brought two major improvements never offered to the musicians before and that completely changed the world of guitar:

  •  The rectifying technology enables them to get strings perfectly in tune and perfectly cylindrical
  •  The possibility to offer strings with extremely accurate tensions 

Savarez Traditional trebles are made of rectified nylon which is characterized by a distinctive unpolished finish. This grittiness contributes to a lessening of the high overtones. Because of their texture, the treble strings are unusually controllable with regard to vibrato and stability. The characteristics of their tone make their pitch particularly clear and true. The basses are on the warm and soft side, and their tone is strong overall. In each tension, the strings are manufactured according to a specific technology. This nylon is subjected to specific treatments in order to master the elongation, the elasticity, the cristallinity and relaxation properties.

Gauges: .028 .032 .040 .030 .034 .042