Strauss 6300 Series Bb Student Clarinet Outfit

by Strauss Musical Instruments
$ 249.99
$ 189.99

The perfect beginner's clarinet for LESS than it costs to rent!      

Why this is a great opportunity: 

  • Our high-quality clarinet outfit costs less than renting
  • You can bundle ProCare with your instrument to make this our Best Deal:  any and all maintenance and cleaning is included at no charge, plus complete accident protection - including full replacement 
  • When you are finished using the clarinet you have a Guaranteed Trade-In so that you can upgrade or switch instruments at any time

What you get with this purchase:

  • Our best-selling Strauss Student Clarinet, fully inspected and ready to play
  • A really nice hard case...really
  • Mouthpiece, ligature and mouthpiece cap
  • A one-year manufacturer's warranty that covers how the clarinet is made


Package with ProCare and receive:

  • Complete maintenance coverage that includes any repairs, adjustments, and cleaning at no additional cost.  The service on a student clarinet averages $45 per visit
  • Complete accident protection, even if it's your fault.  We will repair, replace, or refund full credit (including sales tax) so that you can choose something else.  You are 100% covered.
  • A Guaranteed Trade-In good for the next two years.  If the player is doing so well that it's time for a Level 2 "step-up" instrument, we'll give you 100% of the purchase price of the clarinet back as a trade-in credit.  That's right:  we reward success.


Learn more about ProCare


Product Description

The Strauss Bb clarinet incorporates features you find only on the best student clarinets. Your student will own a free-blowing clarinet that intonates well, plays easily, and stays in adjustment. The tone and focus of the Strauss are remarkable for a clarinet of this price.  Our price is for a complete outfit that includes the instrument, a really nice hard case, standard student mouthpiece, ligature, and cap.     

  • Durable resin body and bell (ebonite)   
  • Nickel-plated keys   
  • Boehm (French) key system   
  • Standard pads   
  • Standard springs        
  • Really nice hard case...really  
  • Student mouthpiece, ligature and cap

    Each Strauss instrument design has been painstakingly researched by us and play-tested by our woodwind specialists to ensure the best playing instrument for the student at the best price for the parent. Approved by dozens of teachers in metro-Atlanta and north Georgia, the Strauss line of instruments proves to be durable, excellent sounding, and a smart alternative to renting.  Compare to the Yamaha Advantage, Jupiter, and Accent instruments to SAVE BIG.

    What makes our Strauss different from the other import brands? 

    • Better quality metal in the keywork means less bending from normal use, and less wear means more playtime between shop adjustments
    • Superior craftsmanship and machining means that the clarinet plays more accurately in tune up and down the scale
    • Each instrument is individually adjusted so that your beginning student is ready to play on day one, without having to second-guess whether they or the instrument or the student is underperforming!


    Grab the most affordable QUALITY student clarinet outfit in Georgia!

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