Strauss 6546 Nickel-plated Student Flute Outfit

by Strauss Musical Instruments
$ 229.99

Our best-selling flute outfit costs 30% less than renting for a single school year.

Why this is a great opportunity: 

  • Our high-quality Strauss flute outfit costs less than renting
  • You can bundle ProCare with your instrument to make this our Best Deal:  any and all maintenance and cleaning is included at no charge, plus complete accident protection - including full replacement 
  • When you are finished using the flute you have a Guaranteed Trade-In so that you can upgrade or switch instruments at any time

What you get with this purchase:

  • Our best-selling Strauss flute, fully inspected and ready to play
  • A really nice hard case...really
  • Cleaning rod
  • A one-year manufacturer's warranty that covers how the flute is made


Package with ProCare and receive:

  • Complete maintenance coverage that includes any repairs, adjustments, and cleaning at no additional cost.  The service on a student flute averages $45 per visit
  • Complete accident protection, even if it's your fault.  We will repair, replace, or refund full credit (including sales tax) so that you can choose something else.  You are 100% covered.
  • A Guaranteed Trade-In good for the next two years.  If the player is doing so well that it's time for a Level 2 "step-up" instrument, we'll give you 100% of the purchase price of the flute back as a trade-in credit.  That's right:  we reward success.


Learn more about ProCare



    Product Description 

    The Strauss 6546 Flute incorporates features you normally find only on the best student flutes with it's light and bright tone and ease of play. Compare this instrument to more expensive brands like Jupiter and Accent without sacrificing quality.  Your student will find that this closed-hole flute intonates well. The tone and focus of the Strauss is also remarkable for a flute of this price.   The offset G keys mean that smaller hands have no problem with the ergonomics of our Strauss.  Our price is for a complete outfit that includes the instrument, a hard case, and a cleaning rod. The Strauss 6546 flute easily beats out the competition in value. Georgia music educator approved!


    • Key of C
    • Nickel-plated body  (for less time spent polishing)
    • Ribbed wall construction
    • US pads
    • Offset G, comfortable for smaller hands
    • Stainless steel springs
    • Durable embossed hard case, black
    • Cleaning rod
    • One year warranty at Dirt Cheep


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