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Tama HS80W Roadpro Snare Drum Stand

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Original price $ 89.99
$ 89.99
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Attention drummers! If you're looking for a rock-solid foundation for your snare drum, look no further than the Tama HS80W Roadpro Snare Drum Stand! This professional-grade stand is built to handle everything from garage jams to arena tours.

With its wide 12"-16" base and double-braced legs, the HS80W provides unbeatable stability. Your snare will stay put, no matter how hard you hit. The anti-slip rubber feet keep the stand firmly planted on any surface, so you can focus on your playing, not your gear.

But the HS80W isn't just stable – it's also incredibly adjustable. The quick-set tilter allows you to dial in the perfect angle and position for your snare. Whether you like your drum flat or angled, high or low, the HS80W can handle it. And with a height range of 19" to 24.5", this stand can accommodate any player or setup.

Of course, all the adjustability in the world doesn't matter if your stand can't handle the rigors of the road. That's where the HS80W really shines. With its all-steel construction, reinforced stress points, and minimal moving parts, this stand is built to last. You won't have to worry about rattling, breaking, or any other unwanted surprises during your gigs.

And let's not forget about style. The HS80W's sleek black finish and minimal design look great on stage, without drawing attention away from your playing. This stand is all about function, not flash.

So if you're a drummer who demands the best, the Tama HS80W Roadpro Snare Drum Stand is the only choice. With its unbeatable stability, precision adjustability, and road-worthy durability, this stand is ready for anything. Trust us – your snare (and your audience) will thank you.

Key Features

  • For 12" to 15" diameter snare drums
  • Quick-Set tilter
  • Swiveling basket
  • Escape claws
  • Height adjustment range: 18-7/8" to 24-5/8" (480mm - 625mm)