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TAMA HP30TW Standard Double Bass Drum Pedal

Original price $ 149.99 - Original price $ 149.99
Original price $ 149.99
$ 149.99
$ 149.99 - $ 149.99
Current price $ 149.99

Utilizing the same offset cam shape as the Iron Cobra 900 Power Glide, the TAMA HP30 standard twin pedal offers increased power and speed with an easily adjustable beater angle, a feature usually found on top-of-the-line pedals. Offered with the DS30 beater, two different sounds can be achieved by rotating the beater head: the felt side for a soft, controlled sound or the plastic side for a louder and punchier sound with more attack.


  • Twin kick drum pedal
  • Offset cam shape as seen in the Iron Cobra 900 Power Glide
  • Easily adjustable beater angle
  • Offered with the DS30 beater
  • Felt side of beater gives soft, controlled sound
  • Plastic side of beater provides louder, punchier attack