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Universal Audio 6176 Vintage Channel Strip

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Original price $ 2,899.99
$ 2,899.99
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This fine channel strip ships direct from the warehouse and is typically not in stock at the Smyrna store.

The 6176 from Universal Audio is the ultimate channel strip for anyone who wants the warm, analog sound of yesteryear's classic recording consoles. With its combination of the 610 tube mic pre and the 1176LN compressor, the 6176 can add a touch of magic to any signal.

The 610 Mic Pre:

The 610 mic pre is a legend in its own right. It's been used on countless hit records, and its rich, dimensional sound is simply unmatched. The 6176's 610 mic pre features high-tension power regulation for improved bass response, as well as a front-panel 15dB pad switch.

The 1176LN Compressor:

The 1176LN is the workhorse of the recording world. Its lightning-quick attack and release times make it perfect for taming transients and adding punch to any signal. The 6176's 1176LN compressor is recreated with the same exacting attention to detail as the original, so you can be sure that you're getting the real deal.

Split or Join Mode:

The 6176 can be used in either Split or Join mode. In Split mode, the mic pre and compressor are separate units, which gives you more flexibility in your signal chain. In Join mode, the mic pre and compressor are linked together, which creates a single, cohesive channel strip.

So whether you're a professional engineer or a home recording enthusiast, the Universal Audio 6176 Channel Strip is the perfect way to add analog warmth and character to your recordings.


  • 610 tube mic pre
  • 1176LN compressor
  • High-tension power regulation
  • Front-panel 15dB pad switch
  • Split or Join mode
  • Balanced line inputs and outputs


  • Warm, analog sound
  • Rich, dimensional tone
  • Lightning-quick attack and release times
  • Punch and clarity
  • Flexibility

Order your Universal Audio 6176 Channel Strip today and start adding analog magic to your recordings!