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USED Ernie Ball VP JR 6180 Volume Pedal 250k for passive electronics

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The Ernie Ball VP Jr. Passive Volume Pedal puts power over your volume and expression at your feet. This pedal is perfectly voiced for passive signals and delivers smooth, consistent volume control. Whether you want to create dramatic swell effects, balance your volume with other musicians, or simply adjust your volume on the fly, the VP Jr. Passive Volume Pedal provides precision and nuance.

Micro Taper Switch Offers Two Volume Rates

The VP Jr. Passive Volume Pedal includes an internal Micro Taper switch that provides two distinct volume swell rates for maximum control and expressiveness. Select between a faster swell rate for dramatic, pedal steel-like effects or a slower swell rate for subtle volume shifts. The Micro Taper switch is easily accessible behind the input jack under the footplate.

Road-Ready Design Built to Last

Ernie Ball is known for gear that's built to perform night after night and the VP Jr. Passive Volume Pedal is no exception. Featuring an aircraft-grade aluminum housing and a stainless steel pivot shaft, this pedal is virtually indestructible. The tuner output provides silent tuning, and the heel-down pedal position completely mutes your signal for quiet onstage adjustments. Overall dimensions of 3.5" W x 10" L and 2 3/8" H allow this pedal to fit comfortably on even the most packed pedalboards.

High-Quality Components for Superior Tone

At the heart of the VP Jr. Passive Volume Pedal is a 250k potentiometer ideally suited for passive pickup signals. This ensures your natural tone comes through clear and unchanged. The pot is connected to the rocker pedal via a durable Kevlar cable and stainless steel springs for a rugged yet responsive design. No matter how aggressively you work the pedal, your tone will remain consistent thanks to the VP Jr. Passive Volume Pedal's quality components and solid construction.