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USED Positive Grid Spark Control Wireless Guitar Footswitch Pedal/Controller for Spark Guitar Amplifier

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Original price $ 77.00
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Introducing the Spark Control Wireless Footswitch - Unleash the Full Potential of Your Spark Amp

Take command of your Spark Amp with the innovative Spark Control Wireless Footswitch. This Bluetooth foot controller pairs instantly with the Spark app, allowing you to switch between tones, control effects, and more with the tap of your toe. Experience an unparalleled level of control over your sound and unleash your creative potential.

Key features:
- Seamless Bluetooth connectivity for easy pairing with the Spark app and amp
- Four pre-programmed scenarios and the ability to save four custom scenarios
- Built-in rechargeable battery lasting over four months on a single charge with average use
- USB charging cable included for convenience

The Spark Control Wireless Footswitch provides a seamless live performance experience, allowing you to manipulate effects and amp functions without distraction. With its long-lasting battery life, you can play for hours during practice or live shows without worrying about loss of connection or needing to recharge.

Unleash your creativity by saving combinations of effects and amp settings that inspire you, then call them up at the tap of your toe. This level of control and customization is perfect for songwriting, experimenting with new sounds, and crafting your signature tone.

Take your playing to the next level with the Spark Control Wireless Footswitch and experience the full potential of your Spark Amp.