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USED UA Classics 1176AE Anniversary Edition Compressor

Original price $ 5,000.00 - Original price $ 5,000.00
Original price $ 5,000.00
$ 5,000.00
$ 5,000.00 - $ 5,000.00
Current price $ 5,000.00


Yo homies, check out this pimped out 1176AE Anniversary Edition limiter! We're talkin' a custom hot rod version of the OG studio legend, with only 500 of these bad boys available worldwide

The "AE" stands for more than just Anniversary Edition. It also pays respect to the vintage blackface and blue stripe models that inspired this special ride. We're talkin' the phat compression flavor of the rare Bluestripe revision A, with the low noise transformers and class A circuitry of the classic Revision E that producers know and love.

The ratio options take it back to the old school UA 176 roots - with smoother 2:1, 4:1 and 8:1 settings for silky compression, but still with the extreme 20:1 limiting for when you gotta tame those unruly tracks. The new ratio combinations let you shape your sound beyond the famous "all buttons in" mode too. 

And check this - they flipped the script on the attack control to give you a super slow 10ms option. Perfect for adding thump to bass lines or getting wacky with effects. An option the OG 1176 couldn't even do!

So if you crave one of these exclusive retro-modern mastering tools,  The 1176AE brings vintage vibe and custom tweaks to the legendary limiter we know and love.


  • Unique Revision A/E “hot-rod-mod” features, cosmetics and sonic signature
  • Program dependency of legendary “Bluestripe” Rev. A 1176
  • Vintage UA 176 compression ratio array - 2:1, 4:1, 8:1 with 20:1 for limiting
  • Expanded range of “multi-button” compression and classic “all-button” mode
  • “Slo” 15ms Attack setting adds increased versatility for new uses
  • Hand-built in the USA, Limited-Edition of only 500 units worldwide