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USED Wampler Faux Spring Reverb Effect Pedal

by Wampler
Original price $ 116.00 - Original price $ 116.00
Original price $ 116.00
$ 116.00
$ 116.00 - $ 116.00
Current price $ 116.00

Bring vintage spring reverb richness to your pedalboard with the Wampler Faux Spring Reverb. Encased in a sleek sparkling green chassis, this pedal digitally recreates the lush ambience of classic tube-driven spring reverbs. 

With up to 2.8 seconds of delay, the Faux Spring conjures the expansive space and warmth that defined early rock and surf guitar tones. It captures the sweet musicality that makes spring reverb so addictive and inspiring to play through. Dial in the perfect balance of wet and dry signals with the intuitive Level control, sculpt tonality with the Tone knob, and increase diffusion for a more ambient wash of trails using the Depth control.

Whether you want subtle ambience to thicken up a clean tone or dripping cavernous echoes for psychedelic soundscapes, the Faux Spring delivers. From Nashville studios to shoegaze basements, this pedal brings gorgeous analog-flavored reverb to players on a budget. 

This used Wampler Faux Spring Reverb has been thoroughly tested by our experienced techs and is guaranteed to function like new. Plug into sought-after spring reverb vibe without breaking the bank. Upgrade your tone with this special deal on a pedal that punches above its weight class for versatility and rich, musical reverbs.