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USED Zildjian A Series 20" Ping Ride Cymbal

Original price $ 146.00 - Original price $ 146.00
Original price $ 146.00
$ 146.00
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Current price $ 146.00

Alright dudes, let's get real about this Zildjian A 20" Ping Ride cymbal. This bad boy ain't your grandpa's stale old pancake - it's a sizzling stack of musical flapjacks drizzled in sweet maple syrup. 

One tap of the stick and this cymbal comes alive with a tight, cutting, smoky tone that'll make your drums shout "Yo bro, listen to me!" It's got plenty of volume to thrust your beats into the spotlight. 

Crank up the velocity and this ride transforms into a crashing wave of sound, perfect for nailing those epic chorus moments or embellishing your fills with some spicy percussion sass. The bell is focused and clear, balancing out those complex rhythms. And this cymbal's got enough bronze backbone from the Zildjian gurus to survive many a late-night gig. 

Whether you're dropping jazz fusion or rocking Nashville's honky tonks, drummers everywhere are realizing the A 20" Ping Ride's got the versatility and vibrance to bring their stick skills to life. This ain't your grandpa's ride - it's a shreddin' cymbal beast!