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VINTAGE 1940's MC Gregory Model B Rico Products Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece - 4A18

by Gregory
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Vintage 1940's MC Gregory Model B Rico Alto Sax Mouthpiece

We have here one of the last MC Gregory Model B's produced, assuming the serial numbers are accurate.  It is said that he made around 12,500 of these before retiring in 1947, and ours is serial numbered 12483!

This rare vintage alto saxophone mouthpiece from the 1940s is a highly sought-after piece for discerning sax players and collectors. Crafted from the same premium hard rubber as the Model A, the Model B features flat inner side walls and chambers similar to the renowned Brilhart Ebolin or Tonalin models. With an almost non-existent baffle, it produces an incredibly dark, rich sound.

While resembling the Model A externally, this narrow-bodied mouthpiece is designed to fit an alto sax ligature. The example offered is in exceptional condition - complete with a period-correct brass ligature and matching cap. The table, rails, tip and bite plate show minimal wear, indicating light use over its 80+ year lifespan.  

For sax enthusiasts seeking an authentic vintage voice, this immaculately preserved MC Gregory Model B Rico Products alto mouthpiece from the late 1940s is a true prize. The distinctive design and superb materials ensure this mouthpiece will continue providing warm, resonant tones for generations to come.