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Lewitt RAY Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone with Distance Sensing Mute AURA Technology

by Lewitt
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Original price $ 349.99
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Open up new ways of interacting with your mic for podcasts, streams, and content creation with RAY from Lewitt, a large-diaphragm condenser microphone with innovative sensor-based AURA technology that dynamically sets levels, tone, and even mutes/unmutes based on distance. RAY includes a windscreen, a pop filter, and a travel bag.

What Is AURA?

With conventional microphones, you, as the speaker, need to keep the proper distance from your microphone for consistent quality. Move close and your sound becomes loud and boomy, move back and it becomes more thin; this phenomenon is commonly known as the proximity effect.

To solve this problem, Lewitt employs AURA, a sensor-based technology that precisely adapts your level and tone, depending on your distance to the microphone. Like autofocus, but for your voice, AURA can be manually activated or deactivated and makes it astonishingly easy to get perfectly balanced recordings. The hard specs for this innovation is an increase in the ideal working range from a typical 6 to 12" to a much more forgiving 2 to 40".

Mute by Distance

Another innovation of RAY is the MUTE by Distance function, which automatically mutes and unmutes the microphone (via 70 dB of dampening) based on the physical distance between the AURA sensor and your head. With a dedicated button, you can manually set a custom distance to act as your individual mute/unmute threshold, accommodating any streaming configuration.

The threshold is set via a dedicated button the mic. A colored display is built into the mic to active distance and mute status. With MUTE by Distance, you can confidently step away from your desk, knowing your audio will be muted or go live as you approach the microphone. This feature is a potential game changer for your live performances, streaming, and content creation alike.

Manual Mute

Besides the dynamic Mute by Distance function, RAY stands out as the first analog XLR microphone with a dedicated mute button. If you just want to punch the mute and step away for a second, hitting the mute button engages the same 70 dB dampening function of Mute by Distance.Record-Ready SoundWhile embracing new ways of recording, RAY also delivers as a studio XLR microphone. It features Lewitt's signature record-ready sound that makes recording easy and gives you a finished sound from the start. This same sound has made Lewitt the first choice for producers and engineers working with artists like Justin Bieber, The Rolling Stones, Halsey, Post Malone, Kehlani, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Doja Cat, be it in the studio or on stage.True Condenser CapsuleThe 1" true condenser studio capsule delivers high-quality results and sports a 3-micron gold-sputtered PET transducer. The capsule features a respectably high max SPL of 131 dB and a very low self noise of 8 dBA.

Extra Functions

Accidentally hitting the wrong button during a stream can be painful, and that's why Lewitt includes a convenient button lock function. Simply hold both buttons for a few seconds to engage the lock.

While RAY is an analog microphone, the control settings are stored digitally. This ensures all your settings are saved when the microphone is turned off, preventing you from having to redo your Mute by Distance setting every time.

Included Accessories

RAY comes with all the required accessories for high-quality vocal recordings:

  • The shockmount protects your signals from structure-borne noise, avoiding rumbles and vibrations
  • The camera-friendly pop filter attaches magnetically to the shockmount, ensuring it stays firmly in place while being extremely fast and easy to attach or remove
  • The pop filter also makes it easier to show your face to the camera, read a script, or view a screen while using the mic
  • A foam windscreen is included to help avoid plosives like P's and T's
  • You also get a travel bag for convenient storage and transport